Why Porcelain?
Ideal for new builds or home remodels, our Perennial tile offers beauty, durability, and easy installation.

All Natural
Our porcelain is synonymous with strength, made with only three natural ingredients - clay, sand, and feldspar. 

Everlasting Quality
Our roof tile is resistant to scratches and abrasion as well as stains, chemicals, and algae growth. It will look amazing and perform above and beyond for many years.

Simple Installation
Our installation process, with interlayment, allows our product to be lighter than other refined tile and slate for the roof.

Roofing Tile


Daltile has more than seven decades of experience working with tile. We understand the value of durability, luxury, and longevity. We’ve extended that expertise to roofing with superior quality and style, plus we know the materials that can withstand extreme wear and tear.

Roofing Tile


We use advanced technology like Reveal Imaging® to create an authentic reproduction of wood, clay, and slate roof tiles. They are certified porcelain and made with recycled materials in our manufacturing facilities here in the USA. All products are protected by a limited lifetime warranty.

Roofing Tile


Rather than go unnoticed, home roofing should instead be an accent to the curb appeal of your home. Perennial was designed with timeless beauty in mind, delivering a lasting splendor that will never go out of style. Choose from six different colors in several styles.

Roofing Tile


The roof tile comes in 11 x 22 inches with an 8 x 8 ridge trim. It's offered in a Standard thickness of 5/16” (8-9 mm), which provides excellent protection from the elements, as well as an HD thickness of ½” (12-13 mm), which offers added durability for homes that experience severe weather.