Lavish Clay Collection

Stunning porcelain roof tile with the look of classic adobe takes on a modern twist in the Lavish Clay collection. Rustic texture and traditional color in a flat, more shingle-like aesthetic offers a unique alternative to other roof options.

 - Beautiful, ruddy adobe coloring
 - Excellent durability
 - Minimal maintenance
 - Weather resistance
 - Suitable in most climates




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Adobe Clay

This adobe-look roof tile is crafted with cutting-edge technology that produces the perfect color, texture, and nuances for a roof that is an important part of your overall design. 


Our roof tile is more than just attractive. It is also a trendsetter in durability - resistant to frost, water, wind, and hail. Plus it has a low overall weight in relation to comparable products.
360 degree view of Adobe Clay

See the detail and quality of Adobe Clay from every angle.


As with all Perennial Porcelain Roofing products, this tile is available in two thicknesses. One is suitable for most climates, and the other is for climates with more extreme weather. Ridgeline trim is also available.

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